2015 Wreath Fundrasier Kicks Off

We can’t believe September is here and with that we are kicking off our wreath fundraiser.

This holiday season, decorate your home with a gorgeous handmade wreath from Maine that looks beautiful and helps a great cause!

There are a few ways to place your order and we would like to assist you in any way possible. Visit www.temmons.org to place your wreath order online or simply email us at info@temmons.org to place your order. All orders must be placed by the end of November.

Wreath Delivery is the first week of December…ORDER NOW!

Balsam Fir branches cut fresh from a tree farm in Maine.

22-inch, double-sided, handmade wreaths.

Adorned with festive red berries and pine cones.

Choice of red or burgundy bow.


We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you for your continued support to the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund. 

Celebrate The Season.

Celebrate A Life.

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And he’s off……

On Friday, June 19, 2015 with mother Robin holding back tears, Desmond Lindsay, The Out-of-Door Academy graduate and baseball standout, sat humbly in front of an audience of media personnel, family members, coaches, faculty, and students to announce his decision to sign with the New York Mets. Lindsay, a 2015 ODA Graduate was drafted 53rd in the 2015 MLB Draft.

David Mahler, Head of School at The Out-of-Door Academy, along with Brett Timmons, Athletic Director, shared a few brief words about Desmond’s academic and athletic career before turning everyone’s attention to the newest Met. “He’s an incredible ambassador of the school,” said Mahler who now must think carefully about how to support the player who will wear the blue and orange while a New York Yankee’s fan. Mahler thanked Desmond’s mother Robin, the faculty at Out-of-Door, and Katie and Mike Emmons, who established The Taylor William Emmons Memorial Foundation in honor of their son, for supporting Desmond. Desmond is the first recipient of the Emmons Scholarship and is the torchbearer for the organization. Timmons added that he is proud of Desmond’s accomplishments at Out-of-Door and he shared how he once tried to get Desmond to play football in addition to baseball but ultimately, Desmond’s passion for baseball prevailed.

“The choice was a very difficult decision, education is very important,” said Lindsay. However, contemplating this once-in-a-lifetime decision with family and other supporters, he ultimately chose to go pro. Even though he decided to play for the Mets, Desmond will be able to attend and take online courses at UNC during the off-season.

When asked if he was a Mets’ fan growing up, Desmond responded, “No” and explained that while he loved sports, he preferred playing and not watching. However, he’s not unfamiliar to the Mets, his grandmother is from the New York area and is an avid Mets’ fan. When he visited her during baseball season, she had her beloved Mets playing on the television. Now, he has an opportunity to play on the big stage at Citi Field one day and no doubt grandmother will not have to watch him from her Florida home.

Being drafted by a professional sports team would be anyone’s dream and the past week was amazing for Desmond. He visited Citi Field even though it wasn’t the first time he had been at the stadium. It was different this time as he toured areas that were typically off limits to general baseball fans. “I never realized how big Citi Field was, the whole atmosphere was a lot different than I was used to,” he said. But before Desmond can play outfield at Citi Field, his first stop will be the Gulf Coast League with the St. Lucie Mets on the east coast of Florida, only a three-hour car ride from home.

Rod Miller, Out-of-Door’s athletic trainer has supported Desmond for many years. He indicated how proud he is of Desmond, but he also noted how diligent Desmond was about his training both off and on the field. “I’ve trained amateurs and professionals and Desmond was one of the most consistent athletes I’ve ever worked with,” Miller said. Knowing that the Mets personnel observed how fast and explosive Desmond is was extremely important to Miller. Those words meant a lot to him because that is how he trains the Out-of-Door student athletes. James Keubler, one of Out-of-Door’s assistant baseball coaches, was also in attendance. “Desmond always had that something special and everyone knew,” he said. “No one swung a bat more than he did, no one studied film more than he did and you can see it.”

Robin Lindsay, who sat quietly next to her son, was asked how she felt. Although it took a few seconds for her to answer, you could see the pride in her eyes as she responded, “Elated” with a smile. Since the draft, Desmond has had a whirlwind experience. He said the days spent at Citi Field were special. The visit there motivated him and he will work hard while at Port St. Lucie. But observing where the big leaguers dress, play and eat provided even more motivation for him to get to New York. Dez is motivated and ready to get started on this new journey. Congratulations Desmond!

Published by the staff at The Out-of-Door Academy

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Desmond Lindsay has a strong desire to give back!

Desmond Lindsay has a strong desire to give back! To give you some background, The Taylor Emmons Scholarship was established by the Emmons Family after the untimely passing of their son, Taylor William Emmons, on December 5th, 2010. With a mission to provide opportunities for socio-economically diverse students to experience an independent, college preparatory education at The Out-of-Door Academy’s Upper School, The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund annually awards a new recipient with a full 4-year high school scholarship. Our very first recipient, Desmond Lindsay was honored with this amazing opportunity.   

Desmond Lindsay gives back to the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund 2015

Desmond has character, morals and values and it has been fabulous to see him grow over the years. Desmond has the maturity and passion that few young men his age possess. Through his two Home Run Derby tournaments Desmond brought the Lakewood Ranch community together and raised over $16,000 for the Taylor Emmons Scholarship his first year and then just hand delivered a check for $27,690. Using creative fundraising efforts that coincide with Desmond’s love for the game of baseball, the groundwork has been laid for The Taylor Emmons Scholarship to flourish for years to come.  

We are so very proud of Desmond Lindsay and what he has accomplished on and off the field. He has made numerous home runs in our eyes and the game has only just begun!!!


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Meet our newest recipient; Austin Brinling Class of 2019

Please meet our next Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund recipient, Austin Brinling!

Austin is the type of student that exemplifies what the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund looks for in a student. Drive, determination and dedication are just a few words that come to mind when talking about Austin Brinling. Austin is an extremely polite young man who greets you with a hand shake and a smile that warms your heart.

We look forward to watching Austin grow and prosper in the classroom, in the community  and out on the baseball field!

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Taylor Emmons Scholarship Funds first recipiant; Desmond Lindsay gets drafted be the New York Mets

Local Sarasota Student Drafted by NY Mets 

The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce their first scholarship recipient, Desmond Lindsay, as the 53rd draft pick by the New York Mets.  Each year, the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund (TESF) awards a full, four year scholarship to a deserving student at The Out-of-Door Academy’s Upper School. These individuals experience an independent, college preparatory education, with a balanced program of academics, the arts and athletics.

Needless to say, since being the first recipient of the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund, Lindsay has exceeded expectations, both on and off the field.  He excelled academically, socially, and athletically, while taking the time to also give back to his community.  Recently, Lindsay graduated with the Class of 2015 from The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, Florida and committed to playing baseball at the University of North Carolina.

News of Lindsay’s invitation from the Mets late Monday night came as an incredible honor for the 6 foot, 200 pound, 18 year old, outfielder, who has always been passionate about this game.  Desmond has shown everyone through hard work, perseverance, determination, and even injuries that nothing could stop him from making his dream of playing professional baseball a reality.  The Mets have been noted on social media as describing Lindsay as a “hidden gem,” due to his power-hitting and speed on the field.  Anyone who has seen him play or gotten to experience the warmth and genuineness of this young man, knows the Mets, the coaches, the players, and the fans will not be disappointed in their decision to make Lindsay part of their team.

“Getting the news of Desmond being drafted by the New York Mets has to be one of the highlights for the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund since our inception over four years ago,” stated Mike and Katie Emmons, founders of the Taylor Emmons Memorial Foundation and parents of Taylor William Emmons, whose legacy the foundation was created after his untimely passing in December 2010.  “From day one, we have taken such pride in watching Desmond develop into the driven, young man he is today.  Being our first scholarship recipient, he has continued to go above and beyond to embody the values and characteristics needed to be successful not only in school or on the field, but in life.  When we see Desmond and all he’s accomplished, we get a glimpse of our son, Taylor, and all he stood for – solid character, steadfast humility, and strong beliefs.  Moments like this are why we knew early on that we had to do everything we could to fulfill Taylor’s legacy and keep his dreams of helping others alive.  We are overjoyed to cheer Desmond on in his new adventure with the New York Mets and wish him and the team the best of luck for the upcoming season.”

We are confident he will make a significant impact and be a positive force. Congratulations Desmond Lindsay and good luck!

To get additional information on the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund and submit a deserving student for scholarship consideration, please visit www.temmons.org.

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The Humane Society of Sarasota and the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund Partner in time for the holidays!



Taylor Emmons of Lakewood Ranch, FL was a vibrant, nineteen-year old sophomore at the University of Miami, when his life was tragically cut short in the early morning hours of December 5th, 2010. Not only was the impact of his loss felt by his many family members and numerous friends, but in large part by his rescue dog, Bella.

All of his life, Taylor William Emmons (for which the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Foundation was established, just days after his passing), had a gift for singling out those in need…and his beloved dog, Bella, was no exception. Taylor adopted Bella, a shepherd mix, shortly before returning home for Thanksgiving in 2010 and the two instantly became pals. The Emmons Family have always been avid animal lovers and currently own two yellow labs, Lilly and Brady. When Bella arrived home with Taylor for Thanksgiving dinner, Mike (Taylor’s father), had his reservations. Although Taylor’s love for Bella (and vice versa) was evident, Mike soon convinced Taylor that the college environment was no place to raise a pet. After much consideration, Taylor agreed and took Bella to a local animal shelter. 

But fate had other plans…unimaginable circumstances that would reunite Bella and The Emmons Family. The day after Taylor’s tragic accident, Mikey (Taylor’s older brother), rallied the family to call the shelter and get Bella back. Even though Bella had already been adopted, the shelter made the necessary arrangements for her to come home and be with Taylor’s family.   This gift has given the Emmons Family a living, breathing memento of Taylor’s big-heartedness and another timeless reminder of his wonderful life. 

With this in mind, Taylor’s lifelong love of animals and devotion to Bella were the inspiration behind this year’s partnership selection for the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund’s annual fundraising program. The Emmons Family, along with the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund, is pleased to announce the Humane Society of Sarasota County, as the joint beneficiary of proceeds received through the sales of their holiday wreaths for 2014.  

Start enjoying Christmas in July and reserve your freshly-cut, handmade, holiday wreaths from Taylor’s Trees (a tree farm in Maine, planted by the Emmons Family prior to Taylor’s loss), before the rush of the season hits. If the last two years of sales are any indication, these gorgeous, 22-inch, double-sided, Balsam Fir wreaths will sell out quickly. Anyone interested in supporting these two great causes and receiving a handmade holiday wreath, whether for personal use or as a gift, is encouraged to place orders early! All proceeds from the sale of these holiday wreaths will equally benefit both organizations and help to further their core missions. 

Taylors Trees Wreath Program
Taylors Trees Wreath Program

The Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) is dedicated to the health and welfare of each animal in their care. Their mission is to provide abandoned pets with compassionate care and shelter while promoting responsible pet ownership and securing permanent homes. As the area’s largest no-kill animal shelter, HSSC receives no city, state or federal funding and relies solely on the support of private donations, bequests and grants. Offered programs include pet adoptions, humane education, pet therapy, canine obedience training and volunteer services. 

The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund provides opportunities for socio-economically diverse students to experience an independent, college preparatory education at The Out-of-Door Academy’s Upper School. They will learn in an environment which allows students to strive to achieve their highest academic goals and build character through a balanced program of academics, the arts and athletics. 

Sandy Albano, Director of the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund notes, “I hope knowing the full story behind these holiday wreaths will represent a legacy of life, love and family, which is really what the holidays are all about.”      

Celebrate the holiday season; celebrate a life – now starting in July! Visit Temmons.org to ORDER YOUR WREATH ONLINE TODAY and be part of supporting two great causes! For more information, please call (941) 915-9249.


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Pre Selling Wreaths in the gift shop of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Pre Selling Wreaths in the gift shop of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Please visit the gift shop at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center to see what our wreaths are all about. Please feel free to take in the beautiful aroma of the holidays in October. This will put you right into the holiday spirit that is just around the corner!

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