The Taylor Emmons Memorial Field Dedication

For those that are planning to attend the Taylor W. Emmons Memorial Out-of-Door Field Dedication on June 5, 2001 please make sure to RSVP to as we need to finalize our numbers and who will be playing ball. Thank you and hope to see you there!

About Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund will provide opportunities for socio-economically diverse students to experience an independent, college preparatory education at The Out-of-Door Academy's Upper School. They will learn in an environment which allows students to strive to achieve their highest academic goals and build character through a balanced program of academics, the arts and athletics. The Emmons Family is looking to endow the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund at $1.3 million dollars in order to provide (4) four-year scholarships simultaneously.
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2 Responses to The Taylor Emmons Memorial Field Dedication

  1. Ray & Carol Lamoureaux says:

    We will both be there for the cook out. We will not be participating in the baseball game. Thankyou.

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